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Sylvie Groschatau, creating as Syl’Batik

Syl’Batik  has developped a unique technique of hand painted Batik on silk and cotton. She uses tjanting, patterns, colours and transparencies to create large original artworks that participate every year to several events and exhibitions as well as being in private collections in France, Mexico and South Africa.

Inspiration : The formidable nature of Africa and France’s colourful landscapes combine in my work to provoke a sense of “colour-fullness” which I like to associate with transparencies.

Process : I use tjanting (which is a spouting tool traditionally used in Java to design patterns using hot wax) layers, colours and transparencies to create large original hand painted artworks on silk and cotton.

Batik is an ancient printing technique on fabric using WAX as a resist.  Unlike traditional Batik making I do not use dye baths but hand paint every inch which allows me a wide variety of colours and super-impositions.

The creative process is quite physical : the pieces are often 3+ x 2 meters which I “layer” with wax and paint. It is a long term process where patterns and colours are applied successively to create intricate motifs.

Chiapas, Mexico, 1997. Working on large satin pieces, using lights and transparencies my Batik participated to the Chamula Indigenous Festival and a few months later, I put up my first exhibition with Galeria Mas Medula in Mexico City  : 8 large Batik were sold on the first night. So there was passion and incentive!

I made Cape Town my home where I started creating under the name of Syl’Batik.

I have, through all these years, developed a very unique technique of Batik almost obsessively detailed and hand painted. I work mostly on silk and cotton to create artworks for Events and on commission. I associate with tailor LC Collection to create my own range of home decoration and accessories and with Fashion Warior Masa Mara to create our range of men and women’s wear.

J’utilise le tjantig, motifs, couleurs et transparences pour créer de larges pièces originales entièrement peintes à la main sur soie, coton ou satin.

La variété de la technique du Batik telle que je la pratique est infinie et se prête à toutes formes d’interprétation : je créé des œuvres murales ou des décors et approche aussi le costume (travaillant avec des fashion designers comme Masa Mara, Best South African Young Designer 2016).

J’ai développé une technique unique de Batik, presque obssessivement détaillée et travaille régulièrement en collaboration avec d’autres artistes, notamment AnZu et FK sur des commandes privées ou publiques. Mes pièces participent chaque année sous le nom de Syl’Batik à de nombreux évènements, festivals et expositions et mes œuvres font partie de collections particulières en France, Afrique du Sud et au Mexique.


“Magical, mesmerising work, richly organic, full of exuberance, elemental forces and joyous colours. Pure delight.”

Kali Van Der Merwe (Artist)