BATIK WORKSHOPS    Be Unique! Create Batik with an artist

About your host, Sylvie

Batik is my passion. I use a tjanting, patterns, colours, and transparencies to create artworks and fashion. Originally Parisian, I live and work in Cape Town’s fabulous Oude Molen echo Village community since 20 years. I am a renowned artist creating as Syl’Batik. I will share with you my unique technique of hand painted Batik in a friendly environment : my studio is in an enclosed lush garden. Enjoy the peace—it’s addictive!

What we’ll do

Batik is a technique of wax-resist that originated in Indonesia. Colours are applied onto the fabric with a spouted tool called a tjanting. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively. The technique I developed, which you will gradually experience during the course of the workshop, is very unique. It is hand painted batik which allows for a greater variety of colours and patterns, contrasts and harmonies.

What else you should know

Beginner or confirmed Designer, Sylvie’s expertise will help you create your own special artwork.

Booking is necessary, Please contact Sylvie to book your next Batik class. Make your day more special by inviting friends to join (4 persons per class). 

Advanced Tuition

Bibiana who initially stayed in Oude Molen to complete a survey on the Eco Village for her Masters in Business & Design got very passionate about Syl’Batik. After attending all weekly classes between November to December 2014 she was invited by Syl’Batik to participate to the making of the Air Float Cape Town Carnival in March 2015 (see the Air Float for the Cape Town Carnival).

“It was great experience to participate in the preparation for Cape Town Carnival 2015. With Syl´Batik, I got opportunity to be a part of the whole batik proccess and could improve my batik technique. Together, we have co-created the beautiful Air float that we could be proud of on the parade.” P1030678


coll_workshop_studio BATIK WORKSHOPS IN OUDE MOLEN VILLAGE SEPT DEC 2014 GARDEN coll_workshop_group4 coll_batiking_kati coll_batiking_kb OUDE MOLEN BATIK WORKSHOPS BIBIANA MAKING 20141129_161448 coll_workshop_bag coll_spiral_workshop_2 coll_workshop_liani_sylvie coll_workshop_group3

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